Sealcoat is a unique liquid that is applied on asphalt to allow superior protection from oxidation damage caused by winter cracking, UV rays, and heavy traffic. At A Perfect Seal, we always strive for the best, so we utilize commercial grade coating for every job! Our Sealcoating is a coal tar base with a poxy additive, which allows for a stronger finish and faster curing time. And the benefits of our Seal Coating don’t stop there;  our sealcoating also incorporates White Silica Sand, which strengthens, helps fill small voids in asphalt, and most importantly helps prevent loss of traction when wet.  We perform both Residential Sealcoating and Commercial Sealcoating work, in addition to Rubberized Crack Filling, Blacktop Repair and Parking Lot Striping within southern New York and northern Pennsylvania.

If you are in need of Driveway Sealcoating and you are close to the Binghamton, Vestal, Endwell, Endicot and Westover, NY area or northern Pennsylvania, let’s get started on your project.  To request a quote, please click here

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